Apo Reef is the second largest contiguous coral reef in the world and the largest one in the Philippines. The Apo Reef Natural Park consists of the three islands.

Apo Reef is the largest among the three islands. Apo Reef Natural Park compared to that of Tubbataha National Marine
Park has a unique natural
phenomenon. Apo Reef has a high diversity of corals and has an island covered with terrestrial vegetation.

The Apo Reef Natural Park, with more than 20 dive sites, will truly fascinate you with its magnificent walls and large fish species. The reef plateau will surely impress divers and snorkeler alike.
Only 3 hours by banca from the
Dugong Dive Center and El Rio y Mar, Apo Reef offers very
dramatic drop-offs down to about 400m. The steep walls are well covered with corals, sponges, tunicates, nudibranchs and slugs.
The coral formation at the plateau is magnificent. Green and hawksbill turtles, and a multitude of fish including damselfish, butterfly fish, batfish, surgeonfish, snappers, fusiliers and trevallies are common.

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